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Johnny Depp in “Nightmare On Elm Street”

Johnny Depp throughout the years watch the video here 

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard at the GQ Men of the year awards

Johnny Depp being Johnny Depp at the GQ awards [x]

The thought that Pirates 5 might be filmed in Australia is beyond my dreams. I will be packing up and heading wherever the location is for the duration of filming.

But the fact is that writing is the only way in which I am able to cope with the memories which overwhelm me so frequently and so unexpectedly. If they remained locked away, they would become heavier and heavier as time went on, so that in the end I would succumb under their mounting weight. Memories lie slumbering within us for months and years, quietly proliferating, until they are woken by some trifle and in some strange way blind us to life. How often this has caused me to feel that my memories, and the labours expended in writing them down are all part of the same humiliating and, at bottom, contemptible business! And yet, what would we be without memories? We would not be capable of ordering even the simplest thoughts, the most sensitive heart would lose the ability to show affection, our existence would be a mere never-ending chain of meaningless moments, and there would not be the faintest trace of a past.
-W. G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn
trans. Michael Hulse (via learningfromthehands)